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Medium-size supermarket surveillance system
Owners of small sized supermarkets are all willing to install surveillance cameras in the shop.
Traditional analog surveillance systems, requires numerous equipments, complex wirings, and presents bad video effects, This system cannot meet many owners’ requirements.
Obviously, what the owners need is a simple, HD surveillance system that can make full use of existing resources.
Sysvideo network surveillance system has many advantages:
1. In terms of resolution, real-time images and recording videos are HD. (D1,720P, 960P, 1080P)
2. Simple wiring, POE interface can could finish all the work.
3. Through sysvideo IP camera domain as of HD network camera with its own (Sysvideo has our own domain name server, hosted in telecommunications room. Secure, stable, always online), can easily achieve remote viewing
4. Sysvideo HD IP camera can be seamlessly connected to the existing small supermarket cash register (POS machine), recording files will be stored in the cash register (POS machine) hard drive, no need to buy additional NVRs, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, efficient and money saving.
Sysvideo HD IP surveillance system, fast, practical and efficient,has become the preferred brand of most supermarket shop owners.
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