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Gas Station Video Supervision System Solutions
1.      Project introduction

This program entirely adopts HD, intelligent, internet of things, 3G application technology, it combines with business systems of oils products selling company under the designing principle of "standardization, integration, intelligent", realizing visualization business management,it is suitable for province selling company to manage application scenes like gas stations and oil depot around the province.

2.      Background and challenge

With the high pace of economical growth all around the world, transportation infrastructure improved ceaselessly, the quantity of the motor vehicle ownership steadily increased,gas station has become an indispensable part of people life. In order to meet the demand for oil products, The layout of marketing branch is maturing day by day, total brand gas stations are increasing year after year. In order to garantee the oil supply of gas station at the same time, refined oil depot is expanding with the high pace of construction in a fast and firece trend.

Management to the braches of oil selling company need co-consider safe operation and manament service. Under the environment of “building digital Petroleum and petrochemical, promote the combination of the two”, taking the high-tech means to build a comprehensive, all-weather, global video surveillance system, realizing the informationization and modernization of management is particularly important.

Main problem of video monitoring system at present stage:

1. Poor application effect. Controlling spot only spreaded in key areas, unable to realize all-round coverage; Low resolution image, can only solve the problem of "able to see", can't satisfy the requirement of the "see it clearly", the expansion ability in later period is limited;

2. Lack of security integration. Marketing network video monitoring system and other security guard system mostly run independently, there wasn’t a good established linkage mechanism, which make the whole security system large and scattered;

3. Difficulty in networking. Too many different kinds of site equipments, part of the equipments was unable to provide the interface development kit for a certain reason when the platform is trying to access. At the same time, the network is complex, private network and public network coexisted, some areas can only connect to regional places.

4. Difficulty in maintainance. The workload of maintaining is huge and inspection is difficult when the system connected to the network and being faced with large amount of video surveillance equipments. This often lead to untimely manage to malfunctions, and greatly reduced the user experience of the video surveillance system.

3.      Solution

System structure


Gas station/refined oil depot video supervision system solution mainly applies in the building and transformation of gas stations/ refined oil depots of oil selling companies in each provinces.

Gas station/refined oil depot’s video surveillance system is an large scale network surveillance system which combines hardware, software and network. Platform software iVMS - 8800 in the energy industry is the core, realize multi-stage network and cross-region monitoring, centralized monitoring and unified management, a comprehensive safety operation and management services can be done in monitoring center in selling companies.

System architecture diagram is as follows:

Gas station / refined oil depot video surveillance system comprehensively adopt full high definition intelligent,Internet of things and 3G application technology,use standardized industrial products to achieve the following functions:

Multiple video surveillance : support high-definition video surveillance, intelligent video surveillance , mobile video surveillance, comprehensively enhanced video quality and security level.

Security Systems Integration: implementation of video surveillance, security alarm system integration, various subsystems based on plans for linkage ;

Visual Business Management: Configuration of center video inspection plan according to the need, also proceed one-way communication with business systems,when the operation is initiated, the signal of operation will be sent to the video monitoring system,the corresponding camera will preset its position through the linkage, and achieve OSD video overlay of relevant sales data.

stereo surveillance mode: achieve front,city,provincial three vertical regulation, fixed network use C/S, B/S mode to access , mobile network could visit through the mobile terminal ( mobile phones, platforms, etc. )to proceed on-site supervision.

system operation and maintenance management: IT infrastructure management, video quality diagnosis, bandwidth optimization and control, asset management, log management .


System Features

      1 ) When the refined oil depot perform remote operation, the control signal was sent from the DCS system to the video monitoring system, the operating results of the valves, switches and other equipment can be verified after the linkage of videos.

      2 ) When the gas station the cashier counter , POS machine will start sending signals to the video monitoring system when the counter of the gas station is cashing, it can control the whole process of the cashing process.


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