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Financial Network Video Monitoring Solutions
At present, with the rising crimes happen in the bank, means and ways of crimes have gradually become diversified, violent, intelligentized. So, strengthening and upgrading the existing bank security system comprehensively, to adapt the shunt and business development of the bank system is extremely urgent.

1. System Summery

As a leading supplier of megapixel IP cameras and whole system solutions, Shenzhen Sysvideo Technology Co., Ltd has set up a comprehensive security and precaution management platform for our customers to meet the modern overall needs of adapting to financial security protection management business, this platform could unify and centralize the management of operation, business equipments and other aspects.


Banking network video monitoring system structure:

2. Overall structure of the system

HD video network system of Bank adopts unified architecture; the overall structure should meet the need of high-definition image acquisition from the front end, real-time and reliable transmission of data flow and network security of the whole system. Overall logical structure system is divided into four layers from top to bottom: monitoring layer, data transmission layer, data processing layer and business application layer.

1. Monitoring layer: The monitoring equipments mainly include front end IPC, voice intercom, intrusion detectors, alarms, access control and other necessary hardware facilities for data acquisition, the main function of these devices is to collect and send the information which considered by security persons including videos, audios, alarm signals and environment conditions to the background constitution for processing and responding to the remote control in the background management center at the same time.

2. Data transmission layer: the transmission layer can set the light signal transmission system, IP digital image information system and the traditional analog information system at an organic whole, and is able to complete transmission of transparency of businesses like video, audio, data and telephone etc. And effectively perform integral business insertion; realize the insertions and data exchange of many businesses on one platform.

 3. Data processing layer: Main equipments on data processing layer include management server, the alarm server, streaming media server, storage, decoding server, appendix server, TV wall server, TV wall, and customer terminal workstation which is needed in the process of the multiple work. Their roles are handling various data (control, video, audio, alarm, etc.) sent from the front-end, filter and organize data according to the predetermined scheme, and finally present in the forms which are easily accepted and operated by monitors.

4. Business application layer: business application layer mainly realize various digital applications of video information. Including GIS systems integration, entrance guard system, perimeter prevention alarm, fire control integration, video previewing, video playback, intelligent video analysis, video decoding on wall display, system management and remote maintenance, system integration business, etc.


3. Monitoring system function

3.1. The video image alarm function

(1) Real-time display of alarm image on TV wall and in client software.

(2) Realize network video monitoring system online query and video playback, be able to view and playback the real-time images within the same viewing platform at the same time.

(3) Personalized view layout: to realize 1-16 road video monitoring browsing, and also save the layout at the same time, to realize polling as the member of inspection teams.

3.2. The police image features

(1) Can be connected to the alarm equipment directly, alarm monitoring image upload, convenient for police to deal with.

(2) When alert occurs, display the related alarm image through the network video monitoring system directly, so does the associated multistage electronic maps, to lock the crash point.

3.3 The control function

(1) Control PTZ, lenses and other front-end equipment remotely.

(2) Realize video recording and alarm information control.

(3) Realize alarm information linkage control.

3.4 Management functions

(1) All equipment automatically identified after entering system along with voice prompt.

(2) when the alarm uploaded to the monitoring center, pop up the emergency alarm correlation of electronic maps, real-time image, network structure, the camera locations and information database (including alarm network name, name of director branch, head, contact phone number, the number of employees, address, belonging to the police station, the number of subordinate precinct, security, nearby buildings, bus routes) and other information at the same time.

(3) When multiple alerts occur at the same time, the system adopts the paging to arrange alarm information, and query all alarm information through the brace.

(4) All the lens can be rapidly retreated, inquired by keywords.

(5) Support batch video program and alarm settings.

(6) Management of video storage paths, screenshots storage paths, interface display colors.

(7) Management of electronic map, lenses, TV wall, inspection team allocation and usage.

(8) Permissions of the initialization setting of operator account, password, and operation control.

(9) User rights of classification points and management.

(10) System fault judgment and function recovery.

(11) Online system operating status reflected by real-time logs.

(12) Defense districts (hall, two way image) of the financial outlets process monitoring.

(13) Long distance image transmission and data processing.

(14) Guard against rob, alarm, no duty fortification and various sensor alarm.

(15) Patrolling duty and emergency handling.
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