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For Distributor & Reseller
Partner Plan for Resellers & Distributors

Now IP camera market is exploding, surveillance system is fast moving from analog video to network video around the world, do you want to lose the opportunity? Maybe you ever own a lot of customer resources or you were very successfully in analog surveillance era, but you are puzzled when you face on the network camera market. You don’t know how to develop the new  market? Your competitors are occupying your market? If that, please being our partner, we will help you to gain the big market.
What can we do?
1. Providing competitive IP surveillance products and system;
2. Full technical support and training;
3. Strong market promotion.
4. Sharing industry knowledge and experience with you
5. Design the total solution according to the project requirement.
The benefits for you:
1. Quickly capturing IP camera market, sharing benefits from this big market.
2. Saving your time, you can focus on the developing customers;
3. Saving your money, you can get the better price than from local importer;
4. Getting full marketing and technical support, you don’t need to spend many resources on understanding IP surveillance system;
5. Getting more profit, we will award you money if you well done.
What should you do?
1. Finding the customers (installers & integrators );
2. Promoting our products and brand;
3. Feeding back your market information to us;
4. Translating English website, manual, marketing document to your language if necessary.
If you are interested in joining this plan, or would like more information, please email with your company description and contact information.
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