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4S shop integrated video surveillance system
1.    Project introduction
Sysvideo independently developed a new generation of 4S shop integrated video surveillance system, a kind of multi-business systems that facing 4S shop video monitoring integrated management. It incorporates a number of patented technologies, and use a number of IT high-tech, such as video codec technology, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology, intelligent technology and pattern recognition technology. Systems are widely used in the 4S shop entrances management, monitoring station shop, car wash plant monitoring, platform management, and large-screen display etc..
2.    Background and challenge
4S shop model is developing extremely fast in the country in recent years. 4S shop in automotive industry is that the car manufacturers launched a set of car sales, maintenance, spare parts and information services which called"four in one " business model in order to meet customer needs.
With the continuous improvement of the economic level,so does the requirements  of consumers on vehicles quality, service quality and other factors closely related with the use of vehicles, not just rely on car prices. More than 30 % of customers had had an unpleasant after-sales service, and high parts prices and hours of high fees, service attitude is inconsistent with the brand became widespread consumer dissatisfaction and disappointment of the fuse. Along with traditional 4S shop maintenance repair shop is not transparent, tend to make consumers worry about whether there will be "gray " operation. Therefore automobile consumption credit is bound to become in 2013 the market for automotive products and services vital link.
The system provides professional video services to enable users of the service area of traditional intelligence, station workshop transparency, providing information interaction and perception, with the 4S store customer relationship management (CRM) systems work closely together constitute a new generation of 4S shop "Transparent shop " system to enhance the exclusive style integration services.
3.    Solution
The system is a collection of a variety of video surveillance systems business, including 4S shop entrances management, monitoring station shop, car wash plant monitoring, platform management, and large-screen display and so on. Adopt 1,400,000/2,000,000 CCD HD camera integration as the main collection, achieve the import and export data acquisition, real-time monitoring station shop, car wash shop and out to capture, provide a platform for management services, such as large-screen display on the wall. System covers all the 4S shop video surveillance business needs.
The whole system is structured as follows:




System Features
1, intelligent customer service area
 We provide users with intelligent user reception and seating area. HD cameras are installed at the entrance in the 4S shop, for real-time monitoring vehicle entering. Service consultants can realized customers’ information as soon as possible and expand services. With the help of entire database system, a computer services consultant can know about the status information and vehicle repair station usage through real-time view, improve the efficiency of handling user needs.
2, transparency workshop
We provide users with a maintenance process to achieve full transparency. Throughout the repair process, the user can understand their state of repair of vehicles through rest area signage, you can also get a vehicle big screen live video or computer data, electronic billboards will pick up the car prompted subtitles and voice prompts when maintenance is complete.
3, the exclusive -service experience
We provide users with a more honorable and pleasant service. Through video surveillance system to obtain information about the user experience at every step, and the data associated with the license plate, with CRM, for existing users establishing a comprehensive repository of information, and arrange relatively fixed services consultant for each user as much as possible, to achieve each time a reception on an exclusive service, optimize the user experience, improve service efficiency.
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