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Storage Calculator

Video Surveillance Bandwidth & Storage Capacity Calculator


When we build a video surveillance system, we must calculate the hard disk quantity,  then choose  a suitable NVR (network video recorder), we need to concern both the recording capacity and max video channels of NVR.

You can quickly find the video storage capacity according to your video resolution, quality(bitrate) and recording time in the following table. If you don't know which video setting is suitable,  you can  choose our recommended setting:

3 Megapixel@25fps: 6Mbps;

2 Megapixel(1080P)@25fps: 4Mbps;

1 Megapixel(720P)@25fps: 2Mbps;


Video Surveillance Bandwidth & Storage Capacity Calculator

Video Setting
Storage Capacity
Resolution Video Quality Bitrate 1 Second 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Month
3MP (2048*1536) Best 8,192Kbps 1,024KB 3,600MB 84GB 2.47TB
Better 7,168Kbps 896KB 3,150MB 74GB 2.16TB
Good 6,136Kbps 767KB 2,696MB 63GB 1.85TB
Bad 4,096Kbps 512KB 1,800MB 42GB 1.24TB
1080P (1920*1080) Best 8,192Kbps 1,024KB 3,600MB 84GB 2.47TB
Better 6,136Kbps 767KB 2,696MB 63GB 1.85TB
Good 4,096Kbps 512KB 1,800MB 42GB 1.24TB
Bad 2,048Kbps 256KB 900MB 21GB .62TB
720P (1280*720) Best 4,096Kbps 512KB 1,800MB 42GB 1.24TB
Better 3,072Kbps 384KB 1,350MB 32GB .93TB
Good 2,048Kbps 256KB 900MB 21GB .62TB
Bad 1,024Kbps 128KB 450MB 11GB .31TB
D1 (704*576) Best 2,048Kbps 256KB 900MB 21GB .62TB
Better 1,536Kbps 192KB 675MB 16GB .46TB
Good 1,024Kbps 128KB 450MB 11GB .31TB
Bad 512Kbps 64KB 225MB 5GB .15TB
2CIF (704*288) Best 1,024Kbps 128KB 450MB 11GB .31TB
Better 716Kbps 90KB 315MB 7GB .22TB
Good 512Kbps 64KB 225MB 5GB .15TB
Bad 384Kbps 48KB 169MB 4GB .12TB
CIF (352*288) Best 512Kbps 64KB 225MB 5GB .15TB
Better 384Kbps 48KB 169MB 4GB .12TB
Good 256Kbps 32KB 113MB 3GB .08TB
Bad 128Kbps 16KB 56MB 1GB .04TB
QCIF (176*144) Best 256Kbps 32KB 113MB 3GB .08TB
Better 192Kbps 24KB 84MB 2GB .06TB
Good 128Kbps 16KB 56MB 1GB .04TB
Bad 64Kbps 8KB 28MB 1GB .02TB

 Note: if you need  Excel original table file, please contact with Sysvideo.


 After getting the storage capacity, we can calculate the hard disk quantity as this formula:

= 1 channel storage capacity x cameras quantity / 90% / hard disk capacity

Note: after you format harddisk, you  only can get around 90% useful capacity.

For  example, we have 100 channels 1080P 2 megapixel IP camera, we need to record 1 month, we use 4TB hard disk, so the total hard disk quantity is:

= 1.24TB (from the above table) * 100 channels / 90% / 4TB=34.4 pcs. We need to use 35 pcs 4TB hard disk.

If we use Sysvideo 8 HDD ( hard disk drive) NVR SN7832,  we need to use 35/ 8 = 4.4 sets, we need to take the nearest large integer 5.

In addition, we also need to consider the max channel capacity of NVR, SN7832 is  16 channels 1080P NVR,  if we use this model, 100 channels IP cameras need 7 sets SN7832 (100/16=6.25, take integer 7).

We found we only need 5 sets NVR when we calculate the recording time, but when we calculate NVR max video channel, we found we need 7 sets NVRs, we need to choose a biger value, so the final solution is we use 7 sets Sysvideo 16 channels 1080P 8 HDD NVRs.

But we also have another lower cost choice,  we can use 4 sets SN7832 + 3 sets SN7232, SN7232 is  2 HDD 16 channels 1080P NVR. We can get 4x8+3x2=38 HDD, it can meet the storage requirement, but  the cost is lower.




Switch Configration

Video Bitrate
Max Channels
Download Speed
10M Switch 2048Kbps 5 1.2Mb/s
1024Kbps 10 1.2Mb/s
512Kbps 20 1.2Mb/s
100M Switch 2048Kbps 50 12.8Mb/s
1024Kbps 100 12.8Mb/s
512Kbps 200 12.8Mb/s
1000M Switch 2048Kbps 500 128Mb/s
1024Kbps 1000 128Mb/s
512Kbps 2000 128Mb/s

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