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You can view or download our all products specifications, images, demo video, software, manual, SDK, etc.. from our:

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1.Megapixel IP Camera SC6000 Series Catalog

2.HD NVR & Hybrid DVR SN7000 Series Catalog

3.Enterprise NVR Servers Series Catalog

4. 4 channels 1080P HD Mobile 3G/GPS/WiFi DVR SDM6000-Series Catalog


1.XCenter: SC6000 series IP camera central management software (CMS/VMS)  (3.47MB) download

2. SC9000 series IP camera central management software (CMS/VMS) Center (1.94MB) download

3. IMS300: SN7000 series  network video recorder(NVR) new central management software (43MB) download

4. IMS200: SN7000 series network video recorder(NVR) central management software (44.8MB) download

5.SC4612 series home IP camera PC client software (4.0MB) download 

6. SNK series NVR central management software: NVR Station (10.5MB)

7. SNY series NVR central management software: EZ Station (40MB)

8. ONVIF Test Tool: find and test ONVIF compatible device


1. SC6000 IP camera manual for web broswer

2. XCenter: SC6000 IP camera central management software (CMS) manual

3. SN7000 series network video recorder (NVR) manual

4. IMS200: NVR / DVR central management software manual

5. SNK series enterprise NVR user guide

6. SNK series enterprise NVR management software NVRStation guide

7. SNK series enterprise NVR administrator guide



1.SC6000 series IP camera (Hisilicon SoC chipset) SDK for Windows

2.SC6000 series IP camera (Hisilicon SoC chipset) SDK for Linux

3.SC6000 series IP camera (Hisilicon SoC chipset) HTTP API (CGI) specifications

4.SN7000 series NVR (network video recorder) SDK

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