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Partner Plan

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SKD/CKD Partner Plan

SKD/CKD(Semi-Knocked Down/Completely Knocked Down) Partner Plan


Do you want to reduce your import tax?

Do you want to save your product cost so you can compete with Hikvision and Dahua?

Do you want to meet the qualifications for your government projects?

Do you want to build yourself IP camera factory?

If yes, please join our SKD(semi-complete knock down)/CKD(complete knock down) Partner Plan, we can help you to build your own IP camera assembly factory, and it is easy! 


The benefits of CKD/SKD policy for you?

  • Saving the import tax
  • Reducing the products price, win the competition
  • Build your factory and brand
  • Meet the requirement for the government project
  • Reduce after-sales service costs


Why choose Sysvideo?

  1. More than 10years IP surveillance products developing and manufacturing experiences;
  2. More than 100 OEM customers cooperation experiences;
  3. Standard hardware module design and rich document support;
  4. Support software and hardware customization;
  5. Providing IP cameras original webpage files and customization tools, you can easily design your styles;
  6. Support Hikvision, Dahua NVR(network video recorder) and CMS(central management software) private protocol.
  7. Rich product options: covering from 1 megapixel pixels to 12 megapixel pixels, supporting multiple functions, own all Hisilicon CPU chips and all mainstream image sensors products;
  8. Minimum cooperation conditions requirements and more flexible policy than other big companies like Hikvision;


What can we do for you?

  1. Providing high quality and low-cost CKD / SKD parts, we will check its quality and package before shipment, you only need to assemble it;
  2. Help you to build your assemble factory and continuous train your worker;
  3. Help you to make localization;
  4. OEM customization service.


Your Condition:

  1. a few workers with basic knowledge of electronics and computers(at least 1-2 workers);
  2. 20mor more production space;
  3. Some basic tools and devices: screwdriver, electric iron, tweezers, computer, PoE switch, monitor, desk. The lowest total investment doesn’t exceed 1,000USD;
  4. MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement for CKD/SKD Cooperation Partner :

       1) IP Camera: single model MOQ is 200pcs, or the product value reaches 10,000USD

        2) NVR: single model MOQ is 500pcs, or the product value reaches 80,000USD;

  1. Prepay 1,000USD as training guarantee money, we will completely return to you after your total order value exceed 80,000USD within 3 years.


Cooperation Process:


Sysvideo CKD-SKD partner cooperation process.jpg


If your order quantity is large, we can share the outsourcing parts suppliers with you, so you can directly buy from these suppliers, saving your cost. If you want to produce some parts in local, like package and housing, we can provide the technical files. You can only buy the core parts PCB board from us.We can even sell core design files and software source code.


Notes: this plan currently only is suitable for SC5000 series IP cameras and SN7000 series NVR.

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