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Wireless network video monitoring solutions

With the development of wireless technology, wireless transmission technology application is accepted by all walks of life day by day. Many industrial monitoring systems use wireless monitoring because of its easy installation, flexibility and high quality performance. Wireless monitoring technology has been widely used in modern residential, hotel, industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, water conservancy, shipping, public security, fire and other fields. Wireless monitoring system is not wired, it uses wireless network to transmit audio and video signal. Compared with the traditional monitoring scheme, wireless monitoring has the following advantages:

1. Avoid wiring, unnecessary damage adornment. Easy installation, good scalability, can be added or changed, point to point without monitoring lines.

2.  Across the road without trench buried pipe, nail groove lines, save installation costs, especially suitable for a wide range, remote monitoring.

3.  Convenient digital video playback and retrieval, users can play on video, positioning and play forward and backward.

4.  The security monitor, computer can remotely monitor the video, so dose the cell phone, and you can set the user permissions and the view scope.

5.  High-definition, traditional monitoring usually adopt CIF resolution, wireless monitoring can use D1, HD 720 p or 1080 p.

1, Wireless monitoring simple application:





Equipment:16 line NVR+Monitor+about2-3 Wireless AP+12-16 Wireless video camera
Suitable for medium-sized companies, shopping malls, hotels, hotel, rental housing, factories, community, entertainment, etc, NVR+ Monitor can be placed in the guard room (security), connected to 2 or 3 wireless AP by cable, wireless video camera can be installed in the position of the need to monitor, dispense with cloth line (only 220 v power supply). Users can supervise through the mobile phone or computer remotely if there is broadband, support the remote centralized monitoring and view permissions setting, which enables company boss managing branch much easier.

Convenient digital video playback and retrieval, users can play on video, positioning and play forward and backward.
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