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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

This web site is Sysvideo Technology Limited ("Sysvideo") have, management and maintenance. Use this web station please read the terms carefully, use this web site indicates that you already know and accept these terms (hereinafter referred to as the "these terms of use"). If you don't accept the terms and conditions of the constraints, please stop refer to this site or any web page in the station.

1. Website using rules
In the user to comply with the terms of use, under the premise of Sysvideo awarded about the web users limited, non-transferable, and non-exclusive, revocable, only for the personal use non-commercial use rights. In any case, this website content and services (including but not limited to users get user name and identity information) only permitted by the user personal use and shall not be sold or transferred. Sysvideo keep these terms of use not special award all right.
Users in the use of this web site in the process, must comply with the following principles:
1) Comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
2) To comply with the terms of use and all related agreement, regulations and procedures, while also must follow the Internet and the relevant procedures and practices;
3) May make use of this web site for illegal activities, including the fission country crime, invasive, instigate others computer security system, interference or chaos network services of endangering national security or harm the public interests of the society behavior;
4) This web site may not use any of the normal operation of the Internet may adversely affect behavior;
5) Shall not be infringed upon the Sysvideo number or Sysvideo associated enterprises or any other third party patent rights, copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property rights, reputation or any other legitimate rights and interests in the Sysvideo or damage digital interest or on Sysvideo effects behavior.
6) Unless already kept these terms of use of the other provisions or has made Sysvideo prior consent, users must not for any purpose engaged in the following behavior:
-Download, copy, distribute, display, transmission, upload, publishing, issued the content of the website;
-Modify, edit, or by any other means to deduce the content of the website;
-Transfer, resale, lease the content of the website or services.
7) Users in the use of the site violates any of these regulations, Sysvideo can judge for themselves require the user to correct or to take all measures necessary to (including but not limited to delete the content of the users to upload, suspend or terminate user use of this web site right) in order to reduce the influence of user inappropriate behavior.

2. Sysvideo intellectual property rights
1) Users of the Sysvideo number or Sysvideo associated enterprises have trademark, trade name, logo, the design, Sysvideo product model and name, the name of this web site, domain name or its derivatives (hereinafter referred to as "Sysvideo signs") does not have any right on. These terms of use also does not grant any right or the user rights and interests. Without the prior written consent of the number of the Sysvideo, the user may not in any advertising or sales promotion materials, in print or media use digital identification of the Sysvideo.
2) This web site contains any information, text, graphics, etc, are subject website content copyright law, the trademark law and/or other intellectual property rights related to the protection of the law, and the related rights to the Sysvideo number or Sysvideo associated enterprises or the content providers all. The holder of Sysvideo digital or without prior permission, the user can be copied, distributed, dissemination, modify, edit, or in any media directly or indirectly release, played the some content, or will this some content used for any commercial purpose.
3) In Sysvideo or the holder of the relevant prior consent, under the premise of the Sysvideo in follow instructions about digital or holder, on the basis of the content of the website users can copy or distribution, but users must ensure that copy and distribute is complete and true, including but not limited to all relevant electronic document, copyright and trademark declaration, etc, also include these terms of use itself.
4) Without the written consent of Sysvideo realization, users must not in any web site to site or in the station add any web links, nor shall any other server or based on Internet equipment set up this site contains any material or third party content "structure" or "mirror image".

3. The special provisions on software download
1) Any software downloaded from this site and other relevant documents (the "software") copyright and related rights for the Sysvideo are digital or Sysvideo digital associated enterprises or other software provider all. Users should abide by these terms of use of the stipulations of article 2.
2) Software download user personal use only can for the purpose, and use the software should be followed with software or contained in software in the end user license agreement (if any, hereinafter referred to as the "license agreement") regulation.
3) If the software has a any warranty, will only to the provisions of the license agreement shall prevail. In addition to license agreement outside of commitment, Sysvideo don't do any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to the accuracy, reliability, marketability, apply to special Special purpose or not tort guarantee, also does not undertake any for installing or using the software and lead to loss of data or other loss responsibility.

4. External links
Web site may contain and other website links. Please note: this some external links provide convenience for users only, do not represent Sysvideo business or participating in management this some web sites, also do not represent the user is granted access or use the site of some of the license, the user should with their liabilities (including, but not limited to abide by the terms of use some web sites) and access to the cost some web sites, Sysvideo wrong this some website content and behavior .

5. Limitation of liability
1) Sysvideo cannot guarantee to provide users service is continuous, real-time and accurate, and can't guarantee defect must be timely correcting, also cannot guarantee that provide the services or server from viruses or hackers and other harmful ingredients of activity Strike. Service and website content in accordance with the current situation provide, Sysvideo do not make any form of the service or website content the accuracy, completeness, satisfied quality, non-infringement or fit for a special purpose of assurance.
2) Sysvideo keep modified at any time, increase or decrease, cancellation, pause, interrupt or stop this website provides service (all or part of the) without prior inform the customer's right, the Sysvideo in the exercise all rights to the number of users need not be any responsibility.
3) The Sysvideo number will as much as possible in this site to provide accurate information. This web site involved in the product pictures and objects may have fine distinction, the effect demo figure, and schemes for reference only (pictures for the combined image, simulation demonstrating figure), the Sysvideo the appearance of the digital products (including but not limited to color) please in kind prevail. Somewhere in this website contains information (including but not limited to the product specification, function specifications) may not complete, please take related product specifications of the specific information shall prevail. Product prices, specifications, models, supply conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
4) Sysvideo keep change at any time web site content involves Sysvideo product design, specification, process and material rights, without prior notice to the user.
5) This website server such as for system maintenance and upgrades, will try to notice in advance. As for system maintenance, upgrades and service or to be suspended for server failure, hardware failure, other factors of force majeure and lead to stop service, the service period for suspension of all the inconvenience caused and material, such as data loss, this website will try to save recovery; If really can't restore, this website does not undertake any responsibility.
6) Sysvideo not liable for the user to provide information and the possibility of any responsibility, including but not limited to due to other users on without a license in the case of users to provide information, or because the user to provide information to contain errors, inaccurate, virus, slander, slander, tort copyright law, privacy law or any other law prohibited content or other content any responsibility which produces. The Sysvideo is also wrong to provide information user Numbers in any case of loss, delete, Remove or transport failure assume any responsibility, to provide the information users retain backup. Sysvideo reserves delete or remove any time any user information rights, and without notice to the user, and do not need to take any liability.
7) For the user through this web site or external links with the third party any legal action happened, including but not limited to deal with the third party, with the user and the third party shall bear all the responsibility, Sysvideo does not undertake any responsibility.
8) The user hereby acknowledge and accept: for the user for the use of this web site and from any direct or indirect loss, including but not limited to due to the web site or the delay of the service, inaccurate, errors and omissions caused any damage, the responsibility, the request, the loss or expense, the Sysvideo Numbers and the Sysvideo associated enterprise number does not undertake any responsibility.

6. compensation
For the user, in violation of the provisions of the web site from the Sysvideo in the yellow digital or digital associated enterprises threat or mentioned any type of lawsuit by, claims, requirements, costs, expenses and losses, litigation, government survey and/or punishment, damages and responsibility, users should to the Sysvideo number or Sysvideo correlation enterprise give compensation (including but not limited to direct or indirect loss, lawyers and advisors, etc), and users should be digital defense of the Sysvideo, Sysvideo no damage to protect.

7. These terms of use of modifications
Sysvideo reserves the right at any time to this terms of use shall be amended without prior notice to the user. Once the change, the Sysvideo number will in time as far as possible in this web site to proceed. If you don't agree with the content of the revised, to stop the use of this web site. If you continue to use this web site, it will be regarded as accepted modification of the terms of use.

8. Other agreement or terms
Users in the use of this web site service, according to the service content of the involved, may need to comply with other agreement or terms, including but not limited to the member of the registered terms, the software license agreement, buy Sysvideo product sales terms, document download of the license agreement, etc all applicable terms. Users in completely agree with the terms only under the precondition of the relevant service can use.

9. notice
Terms of use to modify or other important events, the Sysvideo in the digital choice through the website announcement and E-mail or other way to notify users.

10. Applicable laws and dispute resolution
This web site terms of use and execution explain shall be governed by the law of the People's Republic of China. These terms of use and this web site of any additional terms announced, constitute the Sysvideo Numbers and users about the use of this web site between complete agreement. If the agreement of the content and the applicable law not consistent mandatory, the one with the mandatory legal provision shall prevail. Because of this agreement all disputes arising from the performance of its, first settled through negotiation; The consultation fails, any party can to hangzhou have jurisdiction over the court.

11. other
These terms of use of the title is for reference only, not as the basis for the interpretation of the text.

12. interpretation
These terms of use of interpretation and the power of interpretation of this web site to the Sysvideo Numbers.

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