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Sysvideo emergency communication solutions
1.    Outline
Sysvideo emergency communications solutions, including monitoring and early warning solutions, alarm center solutions, dispatching solutions and communications security solutions to achieve all-weather monitoring and warning, and more rapid means of an alarm, the inter-network unified. Covering prevention, preparedness, emergency management, monitoring and early warning, rescue three disposal process. Monitoring and early warning solutions to realize the risk point of all weather monitoring and warning, do early prevention; alarm center solutions as a means for the government to create a rich, network alarm center; dispatching solutions to achieve a variety of unified voice and video, to ensure rapid disposal emergency rescue; communications security solution enables the emergency scene and behind the scene and emergency command center communications support.

Program Features
1.      Mobile: mobile command vehicles, portable cluster single station, mobile video surveillance, mobile unified communications anytime, anywhere quickly establish communication;
2.      Convergence: instant messaging, telephone, video, conferencing achieve progressive communication, unified management platform for multimedia audio and video across network scheduling, greatly enhance the convenience and efficiency of communication;
3.      Video: Video surveillance clearly showing live images, video conferences fast and accurate decision-making, video command and emergency response seamless, a variety of video applications can be anywhere on the web through the wireless;
4.      Broadband: large-capacity emergency special network to ensure smooth communication, high-speed data center network support massive data processing, LTE broadband clusters provide multimedia command scheduling, communication speed optimization to improve the extreme bottleneck.
1.    Solution composition
Monitoring and early warning solutions


Solution Value
1.      Monitoring network wired and wireless full coverage, multi-class terminal unified aggregation, backhaul links automatically switch;
2.      Reliable energy supply by mixing power programs, to ensure monitoring equipment and communications equipment to work in remote locations;
3.      Mass data storage and analysis capabilities, a variety of data center disaster recovery methods to ensure monitoring and early warning platform for efficient analysis and monitoring data safe.
Alarm center solutions

Solution Value
1.      From traditional voice alarm, upgrade to voice, text, video, multi-channel alarm, improve the overall efficiency;
2.      Quickly locate the location of the alarm;
3.      Distributed Alarm Center, effectively balance the regional business, to achieve load sharing.
Dispatching solutions

Solution Value:
1.      Unified management platform for converged voice, unified cluster to achieve different formats;
2.      Voice integration platform for public and private networks to achieve interoperability, security different terminals communicate with each other in the field;
3.      The video consultation system and monitoring system to achieve full digital integration, the real visual scheduling.
Emergency communications security solutions

Solution Value:
1.      Support microwave relay returns, Satellite backhaul and other backhaul way;
2.      Live LTE professional trunking, video backhaul, personnel precise positioning.
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