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IP cameras are professional and personalized products, users always often need different kinds of products, so the customization is very important to get success in IP cameras market. In addition, it’s easy and low cost to customize the software. We know if we want to provide best products and service to our end users, we must provide localize and customize products and service. But it’s not easy to understand well the habits and application circumstances of all users in different countries and regions. On the other hand, the development of IP camera needs a lot of investment and time, it’s unnecessary to do that by yourself, you can easily get high quality and low price products from China which is the world’s manufacturing center. So, we think we should cooperate with our local partners to develop IP camera market and share the benefits from fast-growing of the market. Welcome to be our OEM partner! Let our world-class products and dedicated partner programs give you a competitive advantage.

The benefits for you

1.Creating your own IP camera brand, you don’t need to spend money and time for products development and production, you can focus on the market developing and products sales.
2.Best price, various products;
3.We can give you flexible, customized products with unique software interfaces, manual, catalogue, package, etc…
4.Full support from our company, include the training about technical and products knowledge, marketing promotion documents, sales guide about how developing market.
5.Quickly capturing IP camera market, share the fast-growing and big market.
What should you do?

1.You desire to join the IP camera market and agree to invest some resources for developing your market.
2.Wish to build up long-term relationship with Sysvideo.
3.Ability for translating English manual, software menu (we will provide a text file), packing information to your local language;
4.At least 2 professional technical support engineers who are good at network, software, computer, surveillance system;
5.Good local service and support ability, can provide fast and good service for local customers;
6.If it’s necessary, you need to finish local product certifications;

Why do you should choose Sysvideo?

1.We are China's leading IP cameras developer, manufacturer, OEM & ODM provider;
2.More than 5 years experience in IP camera market, we deeply understand the customer’s requests and how to meet it;
3.More than 2000 types products models, we can meet all kinds of needs;
4.Good price, high quality, stable company;
5.More than 20 software engineers for customize developing;
6.Production capacity is more than 100 thousands pieces in one year.
7.Low MOQ (minimum order quantity), >=100 pieces.

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