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China's Famous Security Media CPS Tested Sysvideo's Super NVR

China's Famous Security Media CPS Tested Sysvideo's Super NVR

Sysvideo Technology has a profound technology accumulation in video codec technology, embedded Linux system, network communications technology, based on the global security forefront of the development status of demand and related technologies to monitor the market, they embedded NVR products is a benchmark in the industry. Prior has many contacts with Sysvideo's NVR, this evaluation SN716000 Series NVR is a technology leap. To this end, we come to appreciate its technical style.


High reliability setting details

From the exterior side, both familiar and unfamiliar. It is still the standard 3U chassis design that supports rack-mounted, simple and elegant appearance, high quality steel cabinet with black paint, Robust and resistant to scratches. Unlike in the past, more concise front panel, a switch is provided only in the NVR intermediate position, a display panel and a mouse to facilitate access devices / U-like USB 2.0 interface. The front panel is open is placed at the hard disk, SATA hard disk support 16, a ESATA interfaces, a hard disk unlimited capacity. The machine also supports non-working HDD hibernation technology, energy-saving low heat, improve system stability and hard life. It is understood that the aircraft integrate third-party cloud storage service, easy synchronization support for capture, video backup features, support Dropbox, Google, Drive, and other cloud disk manufacturers.
After cooling holes panel unconventional two large area, it can maximize the protection of the stability of operation of NVR. Perform disaster recovery is still configured with two redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 HDMI (maximum output resolution of 4K) +1 VGA (maximum output resolution of 1080P) video output, two RS-232 serial port, 1 USB 3.0 interface, 1 audio speaker, alarm inputs 16/4 alarm output and an external storage as e-SATA and the like, readily available interfaces.

Not only enhance the reliability of the outside, from the internal point of view, the machine uses less high-powered processing chip SOC, power consumption, greater stability; the same time highly reliable hardware design, triple watchdog circuit to ensure the system will never crash. NVR functionality is the focus of our investigation.

Powerful image processing and multi-channel high-definition picture preview

When the camera access NVR, we found that the effect of color video source and video are basically the same, full color image without color cast, strong sense of the screen. The NVR video access bandwidth up to 384Mbps, after accessing the IPC, we can see Sysvideo Technology of NVR supports maximum 64 channels real-time preview, 32 simultaneous playback, supports 16 channels 2 million high-definition H.265 video decoding synchronization, It supports up to 12 million pixelsWeb video cameraPreview, video recording and playback.

Excellent control of power stream

Sysvideo TechnologySN71600 Series NVR with full HD HDMI output interface, support for HDMI, VGA, CVBS synchronous output, full HD image output, and also supports high-definition 4K display output. Intelligent stream management functions of the highlights, by automatically determining the type of the code stream HD network camera, decoding optimize storage policy, reducing equipment load, improve system stability. The model outstanding performance in the flow control code, camera setting parameters in the case of 1080P @ 25fps, 4Mbps, after software testing results, the actual rate control at an average 4.5Mbps; the real-time processing and forwarded by the NVR, average stream control 4.5Mbps, and the same video source fluctuations, process stream indicates that the machine properly.

Superior access and compatibility

Can be seen from the control interface, evaluation of product maximum support 64 channels real-time preview, 16-channel synchronous playback device supports 16 1080P@30/H.265 real-time decoding capability, supports up to 12 million resolution network camera offering H.265, H.264 encoding a hybrid adaptive front end access; can, in real-time multi-screen split-screen, single screen / multi-screen rotation, and on the wall by the application's own virtual matrix function. The access compatibility, it supports ONVIF, GB / T 28181, RTSP and other standard protocols, the camera can be connected to mainstream brands, in addition to the test Sysvideo comes with the camera, we access Dahua, Hikvision and other third-party cameras, can be found a key to access even without a username and password authentication, adding quickly, seamlessly moving is seized with alarm news. In addition, the event message is also compatible Basic Notification and Real-time pull-point Notification interface between two models.

Rich intelligent analysis capabilities

High-performance machine built perimeter analysis algorithms may be custom rule lines, the rule block, to achieve the line crossing the fence, into the area, leaving other areas intelligent video analysis alarm. Algorithm with adaptive learning capability, can be adapted to a variety of complex scenes. Built-in face detection passers-1 or 2-way perimeter detection (some models) can be realized based on the perimeter or face data retrieval and video playback events. For the moment the most popular face detection aspect, Sysvideo Technology adopted by leading face detection algorithm, the maximum tolerable each direction 45 degrees angle error, supports pixel minimum 20 * 20 face detection, also supports analysis of facial activity data quality processes, optimal data automatically saved, avoid a lot of duplication of capture.

Manufacturer's Opinion

SN71600 series supports up to 64 network cameras recording, and has a wealth of network application protocols, and can be connected to various types of high-definition, standard definition network cameras, high-definition Video Surveillance And storage for professional security video surveillance business, education, finance, energy, electricity, public security, safe city and so on.
Reporters view
Whether NVR can counterattack storage market, it is a proposition. The evaluation is another evolutionary upgrade Sysvideo Technology products, many surprises still to reporters. Sysvideo Technology is a low-key send technical strength, but with deep technical knowledge in the NVR products. They are very persistent in terms of stability, so that in the conventional industry-leading feature set, some of the scalability features such as face recognition, cloud storage and other aspects have to meet all the needs of various users for small and medium monitored, it can be said, in application-level machine is close to perfect.

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