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How to set IP camera motion detection alarm?

How to set IP camera motion detection alarm?

1. Login IP camera via Internet Explorer, the default user name and password is admin, if you don’t know how to operate Sysvideo IP camera, please read the product manual for more information.


IP camera login

2. Click main menu “ Config ” to open IP camera setting page.


ip camera interface


3.Click left menu to open motion detection alarm page: Alarm Setting -> Motion Detection. You need to set some parameters:
Detection Area: you can use your mouse to draw a rectangular area on video, or you can choose all area. You can set 4 sub areas at most)
Sensitivity: you choose number 1-5, greater value means higher sensitivity.
Enable detect: You must enable this option.
Detection time: Set the period of time for motion detection and enable, two periods allowed.
Linkage Alarm Output: you can choose to send email or FTP upload snapshot images or save recording file on local SD card. If you need to FTP upload or send a email, you first need to set IP camera network parameter.If you only need to send alarm information to NVR or CMS (central management software) , you don’t need to set these option. Please click “Save” after you finish all setting.


4.4.If all setting are OK, the “Alarm” menu will display a alert icon when somebody cross the detection area or the image been changed.


5.You can click “Alarm” menu to search all alarm event log.


IP camera alarm log

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